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Adelaide is the beautiful capital of South Australia. This city is surrounded by wine country, beaches and a great number of attractions. As the largest city in southern Australia, Adelaide is a prime destination for travelers like you. You can also see Australia’s native wildlife, such as koala bear and kangaroo, in various nature parks and reserves. If you are planning on visiting Australia in the near future, here’s a guide to Adelaide geography.

Adelaide Climate

Adelaide’s weather is comfortable throughout the year. Winter is during the months of June to August. If you’re traveling from a country where it’s quite warm during this time, it may shock you to find the weather cold when you arrive. But, of all the cities in Australia, Adelaide’s winter is much milder than the others. However, it does rain during the winter and snow is seldom seen in Adelaide.

The summer brings hot weather and plenty of sunshine. It’s usually hot and dry during the months of December to February. Spring arrives in September and autumn usually begins in May. March, April and May are the best months for visiting Adelaide. The weather’s perfect this time of the year.

Adelaide Coastlines

The beaches and coastlines help complete Adelaide’s geography. The city’s coastline is lined with gorgeous sandy white beaches that stretch for miles. You’ll have plenty of sunbathing and swimming opportunities. Surfing is another attraction worth considering. Shopping and dining along the coast may interest you as well. There are numerous cafes, bars and beachside eateries along the coastal regions.

Adelaide National Parks

There are a good number of national parks and gardens within the city. They provide you with the opportunity to see many of Australia’s native plants and animals. After you arrive to Adelaide, plan day trips to the nearby botanical gardens, nature reserves and animal sanctuaries.

Adelaide Tourism

Tourism in Adelaide does exceptionally well throughout the year. Thousands of travelers come to southern Australia and make their first stop in Adelaide. You'll see and meet many of these travelers on your visit. The biggest attractions are the parks, museums, shops and historical homes located all over the city.

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Adelaide Mountains

Adelaide’s geography includes hills and large mountains. Just outside of the city is Adelaide Hills, also known as wine country. It has acres of lush green landscapes and vineyards. Mt. Lofty, a popular tourist attraction, is located in Adelaide Hills as well.